Who is Dr. Dann?

As someone with two first names, I have often been called by my last name, and not enjoyed it one bit. . . Until my students began calling me "Doctor Dann." "Professor Dann" sounds stuffy; but the bouncy, alliterative, anapestic rhythm of "Doctor Dann" sounds familiar and friendly. "Dan(n)" softens the authority implied by "Doctor."

All my life I have simultaneously shied away from, and sought out, authority – eschewing the arbitrary, often lifeless authority of outworn institutions and ideas, gravitating toward the moral authority that can result from faithful study and reflection. Pursuing a variety of arcane topics and questions, I have been rewarded time and again with serendipitous, magical discoveries. This website is my attempt to share some of these with you. Thank you for the gift of your interest and attention.

Captain of a Huckleberry Party: A Thoreau Pilgrimage

In honor of Henry Thoreau’s 200th birthday, I’m making a walking pilgrimage from
New York City to Concord, Massachusetts – 235 miles in 13 days, starting on the Spring Equinox, March 20th.

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Expect Great Things

  I met Henry Thoreau the way we all do – through reading Walden – and I still find it as...

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Cosmos’s Wayward Ship of the Imagination

Last night I watched Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Captain of FOX TV’s Cosmos “Ship of the Imagination,” pilot that electric-razor-like craft...

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The Mathematical Tetrodon

What is more dangerous than pufferfish poison? How about the “Nestor of American science,” Dr. Samuel Latham Mitchill (1764 –...

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I learned many years ago from my friend Gordon Day that Native American toponymy (the study of place names) is...

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Vermont’s Original Forest Language

For thousands of years before English and French were the predominant languages spoken in northern New England, the region’s woods...

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The Rhythms of Spiritual Scientific Research at Threefold Farm

The title page of The Book of Lambspring (1599) – an alchemical text by Nicolas Barnaud, a member of Rudolf...

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Contemplating America’s Camelot at Fifty: The JFK Years and the Christ Rhythm

“Everything in history rises up from the grave in a changed form after 33 years.” – Rudolf Steiner, “Et Incarnatus...

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Henry David Thoreau and the Christ Rhythm

Admired in the United States and around the world for his resolute individualism, his insight into and celebration of nature,...

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Mother Earth

Last week I spent a few days in the Archives at the American Museum of Natural History, ferreting out photographs...

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Where’s Voldemort?

By the spring of 2012, Robert had prepared an update to Christ & the Maya Calendar which revealed, in a very...

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Christ & the Maya Calendar

The eschatological expectations centering around 2012 are now (I write this in early January, 2013) already a dim memory, and...

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