After three years of striving to teach Global History from a “metahistorical” perspective, I decided that it was time to try to work my narrative into a “textbook” of sorts, for my undergraduate students. Stealing a page from the Main Lesson Book of a young friend’s Waldorf world history class, each semester I had assigned my students the task of creating a “Book of Wonders” – a chronicle of their impressions of the course material. Now I had to create my own “Book of Wonders.”

The result is an admittedly idiosyncratic, uneven, wild ride of a tale, that might be said to take aim directly at the materialist method that defines all academic historical teaching. I used to tell my undergraduates that they had all come down into incarnation at this time because they expected to attend Hogwarts, and that my generation had disappointed them mightily by building Muggle-factories instead. Think of A Book of Wonders as a first draft of some future Hogwarts history curriculum.

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