In May of 2000, in a personal turn of destiny that took considerable craft, cunning, and whimsy from my angel, I met Robert Powell, and promptly found myself in a living Mystery School dedicated to preparing for the coming of the Divine Sophia. Robert was many things – a curative eurythmist; a mathematician with a specialty in probability theory; a founder of new social and spiritual impulses through his Sophia Foundation of America; a profound Christian initiate – but perhaps foremost, he was a practitioner of a new astrology, or astrosophy. I had never paid any attention to astrology at all in my life, and was frankly frightened by the prospect of having to learn any, given how immense a field it was.

I still struggle with even the basics of astrological knowledge, but, thanks to an invitation from our mutual friend, editor and publisher James Wetmore, I had the chance to work with Robert on a book that he intended to do what its subtitle says: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma. Not a single friend or family member has managed to read this book and grasp its meaning or importance. If this site is archived, and my great-grandchildren come across it, perhaps you will give it a stab!

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